Clinical Research Courses in USA

BCRI offers Certifications and Diploma Programs in various Fields of Clinical research. The Program combines a unique Live classroom experience in learning the fundamentals of conduct and design of clinical research and Various other Topics Related to Data Management and Pharmacovigilance.

Clinical Research Courses in USA

Our mission at BCRI is to provide training on clinical research to residents of the United States and Canada.
BCRI Provides a live interactive virtual classroom that delivers training by professionals.
Knowing Clinical Research fields like Clinical Data management & Pharmacovigilance is essential to pursuing a career in the US Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industry and CROs.

Why Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is a component of healthcare science that focuses on the safety and efficacy of medications, diagnostics, and medical treatments in the human population. Clinical researchers must ensure that the highest scientific, ethical, and regulatory standards are met to address the complex medical and dental issues facing the US and international communities. There is a recognized need for trained clinical researchers: as of October 31, 2019, there were over 320,000 clinical trials worldwide, with approximately 49% non-US studies. (National Institute of Health Clinical Trials, http://clinicaltrials.gov).

Courses we Offer for US and Canada Residents

PG Diploma in Clinical Research (All Inclusive Course)

PG Diploma in Clinical Research is designed to produce competent clinical Professionals through a unique educational experience in clinical research methodology, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Trail Data Analysis using SAS. 

Students enrolled in the PGDCR Course @ BCRI come from various professional backgrounds from around the world, including foreign and US-trained physicians, dentists, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry professionals who plan to conduct clinical trials. 

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