is one of the most sought-after destinations for clinical research activities. It is one of the most strategic locations for global pharmaceutical companies to conduct their drug research and development Apart from well-known factors such as low cost, easily access to patients and English- speaking trained professional, India has become a well-known center for drug trials because of the ever-increasing number of specialty hospitals, BA/BE units, and world-class data-processing infrastructure and improving regulatory support. In India, in addition to clinical operations, i.e. Conducting and monitoring clinical trials, service providers known as CROs provide services in related areas such as clinical data management, Pharmacovigilance, medical writing, logistics, and analysis.

Clinical research is a field of medical science that enables researchers to find out the safety and effectiveness of new medications, medical devices, products used for diagnostics and other treatment regimens, intended for use in humans. These may be used to prevent, cure, diagnose, or even to relieve symptoms of a disease. Clinical research is not similar to clinical practice. In clinical practice, doctors prescribe and follow established treatments that are already available in the market while in clinical research data is collected about the new medication, device, etc to establish a treatment.

In clinical research, research is conducted either directly on a specific person or a group of people, or on materials from humans, such as their behavior or tissue samples, that can be linked to a particular living person. As per NIH, clinical research can be Patient-oriented research, Epidemiological and behavioral studies, or Outcomes and health services research.

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